What is Ingress?

Ingress is an augmented reality game that turns the world around you into a battle, with humankind’s minds at stake.

Play Ingress on the streets of Brisbane. Meet agents who play in the areas you do and fight with them to protect humanity’s freedom. Discover agents you can depend on to help you when you need assistance in the field.

Download the mobile scanner app to discover thousands of portals around you. Buildings, historic landmarks and cultural points of interest become portals for you to fight for and defend from alien incursion.


By joining us, you’ll have access to regular events so you can stock up on gear, regular operations so you can put your mark on the map, as well as help almost any time of the day or night.

Joining the community benefits you and everyone else — it takes eight level 8 players to make a level 8 portal, and the easier it is to coordinate with people, the more easily you’ll be able to gear up to take and hold your area.

Queensland agents (or anyone visiting!) simply send an email to to join the local community.




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What is an Ingress XM Anomaly?


An XM Anomaly or simply Anomaly is one official storyline event run by Niantic itself that takes place across many countries and several weeks. At each event agents of both factions compete to accomplish various objectives on top of normal Ingress gameplay. The faction who scores the most total points across every event in the series wins the Anomaly, and the Ingress storyline changes to reflect their victory.

Anomaly events are heavily publicized in advance and attract thousands of agents across both factions. During the event, which generally lasts four hours, agents compete to capture designated portals, complete special fields, control specific areas, crack codes, and outplay opponents in other challenges. Agents set rigorous battle plans, bring top-quality items, and travel long distances, making an Anomaly the highest-level gameplay experience.

The events themselves can be classified as Primary or Satellite events. Primary events, held in easily-accessible major cities with dense clusters of portals, have the most objectives, the highest attendance, the most brutal competition, and sponsored challenges. Niantic attends every Primary event, complete with the NL-1331 and Suzanna Moyer herself. Although the Satellite events are smaller in scope and scale, the competition is just as brutal and their outcomes have swung the entire Anomaly series.

Source and more info:ingress.wikia.com/wiki/Anomaly
Additional info: fevgames.net/ingress/ingress-guide/concepts/anomaly/


Mission Day


NIA Mission Day Registration open!

Mission days bring together agents from both factions to explore cities around the world through the lens of Ingress with unique and local adventures.

Agents, we want to discover Brisbane the day after the XM Anomaly, Sunday August 27th. In collaboration with the City of Brisbane we will provide you high quality missions to explore the city on foot together.

You need to complete at least 6 Missions for the badge but a set of 24 will be available. A good list of the existing Brisbane missions can be found in our Visitors Guide (join G+).


Great Places with LOTS of Portals


Inner city Brisbane has some 2500+ portals easily accessible via great walks and/or short bus trips . Here are some of the densest places.